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Why Spur?

A spur, a small piece of metal, with gentle, expertly placed pressure, can encourage, guide and drive a powerful animal to achieve spectacular, focused results.
Words, spoken or written, used to create the right message delivered at the right time by a useful medium will also achieve amazing, focused results. That's what we do.
Spur Public Relations expertly weaves and places communications to enlighten, engage, and achieve results. As the art of horsemanship has endured for thousands of years, so has the art of effectively persuasive communication.

Spur Public Relations is a Tucson-based, boutique public relations firm specializing in communication-related services including strategic consulting, media and community relations, and internal, external, and marketing communications.

Our services are as customized and unique as is your product or company. Please feel free to contact us for a rate sheet, consultation, or estimate to spur conversation about your organization or product today!